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InfoSec4TC is not just an online Cyber Security course provider but a Cyber Security hub that helps candidates identify a suitable career path according to their educational background. We help individuals kickstart their Cyber Security careers with the best courses in the market.


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Discover Essential Cyber Security Knowledge and Skills with InfoSec4TC

At InfoSec4TC, you will find Cyber Security services for all your business needs. We provide you with instant knowledge, tools and resources you need to protect your business from security risks.

Practice Cyber Security with Real-World Scenarios with InfoSec4TC

InfoSec4TC is the reliable platform budding Cyber Security professionals can count on for Cyber security services. Our certified security professionals will help you build a rewarding career in an industry with 3.5 million unfilled jobs positions in 2022. We will take your business or career from zero to the zenith through our interactive online courses. Whether you want a training course for your employees or want to become a Cyber Security analyst, our online courses will help you achieve your goals.

We stimulate the real-life example and focus on real-life learning rather than just rote learning. We provide the skills needed to become successful Cyber Security professional.


Our Student Says

Qutaiba Alhaj


Cyber Security Workshop

Best experience ever . I never found on the whole web such a program. I went through a full day to day on the job-like training and build a complete skill set for cyber security specialist title. Forget getting useless certifications without the Know-how. And all of that for a fraction of the cost. Best investment ever



Great lerning experience to perform as…

Great lerning experience to perform as a cyber security Analyst capable of functioning in any information security environment when you complete all the assignments

Dr. Taysser Tarif


I would like to thank Prof

I would like to thank Prof . Mohamed Atef for his valuable materials. These training materials and instructional videos arranged the concept of the actual application of specification ISO 27001. Professor Muhammad is sincere in giving information and guidance.I will continue to deal with Infosec4TC,ISA.



I highly recommend Infosec4tc programs…

I highly recommend Infosec4tc programs and Mr. Mohamed Atef. He is very knowledgeable and patient in coaching to ensure the students understand cybersecurity concepts. His classes are hands on and enjoyable. I plan on taking other course offerings from Infosec4tc. Thank you!


Want to land your dream Cyber Security job and earn a handsome salary? If so, prepare for popular and reputed Cyber Security certifications with our interactive courses, virtual labs and practice tests that will help you to pass the real exam. We help budding professionals; learn real-world concepts and skills needed to secure a high ranking position in the Cyber Security industry.

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InfoSec4TC is a reliable platform where you will find top-rated online Cyber Security courses, from ethical hacking courses to CISM certification courses. No matter your budget, we will help you master new skills and advance your Cyber Security career.


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What Can
Infosec4TC Do for your Business?

With the increase in the number of Cyber security attacks and the ever-evolving nature of Cyber-attacks, it’s high time for businesses to upgrade their defense system. And, the best way to do so is by educating employees and preparing them to handle future security attacks. This is where Infosec4TC, with its training courses, will educate employees about the ever-evolving threat environment.

nfoSec4TC makes sure your organization complies with the Information/Cyber Security standards, compliance, regulation, and legal requirements to protect your organization from Cyber security threats. We will help businesses in the following areas:

  • Provide the needed tools to employees to learn and lead
  • Develop and empower the employees
  • Train employees to develop their in-demand skills
  • Use Cyber security learning as a tool to achieve critical business outcomes
  • Invest in employees growth and development
  • Choose a learning solution that grows with the business
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